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iL BRiLLE Cambodia Facial MenuPrice
OZON 30mins$15
OZON+BIHAKU 60mins$30
OZON+AROMA 90mins $40
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OZON 30mins $15
OZON works on fibroblasts and nerves in the skin to activate cell metabolism. The foam containing Cambodian Golden Silk removes dirt and grime that causes dullness and blemishes without causing friction.
After the treatment, your skin will look like a newborn baby. The skin regains its natural elasticity and firmness, and you can feel the clear and beautiful skin you have never seen before.
(1) OZON foam is applied to the entire face from the décolleté to the face to promote blood circulation and to remove dirt from the pores.
(2) Empty pores are refilled with nutrient-rich WR All-in-One Gel, and the skin is further tightened with ozone air.

OZON + BIHAKU60mins $30
OZON + ultrasonic cleansing will discharge dirt hidden deep in the pores, OZON will revitalize cells, and iLBRiLLE’s unique hand technique from the décolleté will rejuvenate your skin.
Coconut oil is used to give a new glow to the skin and make it translucent and beautiful one tone up.
In addition, a specially formulated raw gel mask is created and applied to the skin. This mask will leave your skin silky smooth and radiant.

OZON + Aroma 70mins $40
OZON + ultrasonic cleansing removes dirt hidden deep in the pores. Using coconut oil that relieves fatigue, the décolleté, direction, neck, and head are carefully massaged, and a special relaxing cloth is wrapped around the legs to regulate the flow of rinpa.
iLBRiLLE’s unique skin revitalizing treatment gives the skin a radiant glow and lift. This facial treatment course has a relaxing effect.
In addition, a specially formulated raw gel mask is made and applied to the skin. This treatment will leave your skin silky smooth and radiant.


It splits into oxygen atoms and adheres to nearby atoms to form ozone.

It decomposes the bacteria and smells fungus and returns to oxygen after the reaction.


Using a special stick that emits ozone to make a bubble and liquid that contains ozone.


confine ozone in the bubble with iLBRiLLE soap.


It will attract stains which will cause acne and wrinkles on the skin like a magnet.

stains・・・UV foundation, Sebum, old dead skin, Accumulated stains, preservatives, and other chemical substances.


It is effective for tightening pores, weighting, clearing acne, healing rough skins, etc…

-Available to female clients only

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